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One afternoon this week, three new recruits business sales staff to follow the Factory Acceptance study, none of the three newcomers ever come into contact with the machinery industry, the opportunity to learn to face the machine, they are active and take the initiative. With the questions in mind and the good information prepared in advance, our party came to the factory, and today we checked and accepted the coating machine.
According sale indicated on the contract, the start of the device to detect and view, new people have also observed the appearance from the inside of the machine, understand the principles of operation of the whole machine and function.
Learning tips:
1. The maximum and minimum output, how to calculate the output, and what conditions will affect the output
2. What are the main stations of the equipment and what are the functions of each station
3. What materials are needed for equipment A during production and how to add materials
4. What kind of energy is needed for A equipment during production, and where should it be connected?
5. Which auxiliary machines are needed when the equipment is running, and why are auxiliary machines needed?
6. What are the advantages of the equipment and how to introduce the A equipment
7. What function does the touch screen/control panel control and what functions can be set?
8. Which parts are the abrasive tools that need to be replaced when changing the product, and how does the product need to be replaced?
9. Which accessories are easily damaged
10. If the customer operates improperly, which parts are easy to damage
11. How to check whether the finished product is qualified
12. Think about how to run A equipment if you are an operator
13. Where is the heart of this machine (if you design it, where is the core point)
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